Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this is kinda hot.

i love google. don't you?

I'm pretty sure that this has been photoshopped. But i don't give a fuck hahaha this made me laugh. 

I miss those friday night lights

Football season just ended. And I already miss going to the games. Wearin that titan red. Freezing my ass off. Screaming at the guys on the field. Laughing at the cheerleaders because they are stupid and can't spell "TITANS" sometimes and do things wrong. Or have a cheer for a 1st down three minutes late. I miss having to stand on my tippy toes to see and the wave in the spirit section. I miss those friday night lights!


So i am pretty sure i might have stole this off Heather M's facebook but that's okay. It is adorable. If Heather reads this and it is her cute cupcake she gets photo creds and credit for making an adorable cupcake. 


If you are an asshole who talks shit for no reason (A) applies to you. If your name is Rachel Hartman, Jen Hagen, Raquel Cdebaca, Kelly Savage, Rachel Berkowitz, Jamie Belzowski, Emmalee Woodward, Oakley Strassner, Emily Salkovitz, or Sam Mark (B) applies to you. If you are Jamie Belzowski or Emmalee Woodward (C) applies to you. If you are my friend or my husband (D) applies to you... but mostly my husband <3 If you are Sam Mark, Jen Hagen, or Kelly Savage (E) applies to you. You are my lesbian lovers. if (E) applies to you then so does (F) bahhahahahhahaa

I dont give a fuck but i've got a feeling you do


floccinaucinihilipilification |ˌfläksəˌnôsəˌnīˌhiləˌpiləfiˈkā sh ən|nounthe action or habit of estimating something as worthless. (The word is used chiefly as a curiosity.)ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from Latin flocci, nauci,nihili, pili (words meaning ‘at little value’ ) + -fication . The Latin elements were listed in a well-known rule of the Latin Grammar used at Eton College, an English public school.
So many secrets hidden behind those puppy dog eyes. So many things that must be kept quiet. You are cracking- under that hard exterior of yours. No one can see that you are slowly coming undone and I am here for the show. You smile but I can't be fooled, you are a broken girl on the inside. Just keep smiling, looking at me with those mysterious eyes because I know that you are falling apart on the inside. Not so perfect after all, are you?


Okay so I love it when you are talking about someone and you want to know more about them so you like go on your facebook and you stock their page. In PE today we were talking about this girl. Who happens to be psycho. So i decided to go on her page and show my friend her psycho statuses. The girl is nuts so its kinda scary/funny because well... i dont know. And then this guy cheated on this other girl sitting with us so we decided to look at the other girl's page. Honestly, you should lock all of your pictures because people go through them and make comments like "Oh, you are way prettier than her, she is fucking beat." Facebook= good opportunity for people to creep and find shit out about you... or make fun of you. I think it would be kinda horrible if they showed who looked at all your stuff. Then you would know who is creeping. Hmmm....... this was random but whatever

I love you too.

No book yet....

So i always say i am going to write my book. I haven't yet. I started to. But you were like a leech. You sucked it all away. I have nothing to write about any more. I have no muse. Wow. Didn't know it was that bad. This is good. The one thing that brings me relief and now I am stuck. FUCK YOU, I HATE WRITERS BLOCK.

Now you never have to wonder again.


1) Every day when i walk into class, you are sitting on my desk. GET THE FUCK OFF OF IT! I sleep on my desk during class i don't want your ass on it. Your butt is supposed to go in the chair.Take my test from me. Before 

2) Take my test from me before I even get to look at it. I know I failed so don't harass me and make faces after you take it because I will beat your ass. I am not kidding. And don't tell me i did bad. No shit, 68% is not good. Mind your own fucking business!!!!

3) Hit my desk and say "ooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!" when i am texting in class. If you don't notice. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Let me do what I want if I want to sleep I am going to sleep. If I want to text than I am going to text so don't be a tattle tail. You aren't 6.. wait... maybe you are.

4) Don't make weird faces and giggle at me. 

5) When you know you are pissing me off and I am not talking to don't try talking to me. It makes me want to hit you. I mean really. I'm not talking to you for a reason.

6) Don't tell me to be nicer to you. If you didn't piss me off so much I wouldn't have a problem with you. But you do. A LOT. And you make so many little side comments. I don't care if you hate me. Don't talk to me. 

7) Don't give me advice. I didn't ask for it. 

8) STOP EAVESDROPPING! it makes me so mad. If I wanted to tell you then I would have included you in the conversation.

9) Put all your shit in the walk way. Everyone trips over it. I want to be able to walk to my desk and my back without having to worry about falling on my face.

10) Stop being so immature. This is high school babe not elementary school. 

I like starting random stories WEEeeeeOOoooo

I stare at your feet because I can't look in your eyes. Does that make me pathetic? Or does that make me a normal, nervous girl. Too afraid to stare back into your eyes because you give me butterflies and take away the words I wanted to say. I'm not so witty around you. Am I? Just weird I guess... But you always say you like weird. But maybe you are just saying that... You have big feet.  You are always wearing vans. I look up. You smile and lean against the wall and keep talking. I give you a half smile back and try and listen and ignore my ever increasing heart rate. All i want to do is kiss you. Tell you I like you. But i can't. Can I?

Let's have a costume party ;)

Nothing to wear....

I love when you are looking in your closet to go somewhere and you feel like you have nothing to wear!

"Hurry up!!"

"That isn't true at all."
         " Uhmmm yes it is!"

She walks upstairs.  "Kaitlyn you have $2000 worth of shoes here. You have a dresser full of clothes, shit all over your floor and you have a full rack. Don't tell me you have nothing to wear"

         " BUT I DONT FEEL LIKE WEARING ANY OF THIS. I need a new jacket... and boots. Oh! I saw     some really cute ones the other day at the spectrum."

"You have enough stuff."

         "No I don't!"

She walks out of the room. Wow I love these conversations.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why is it so cold?

I don't know why. But every year it keeps getting colder and colder and i'm not really diggin it. We live in Southern California. I mean really, isn't it supposed to be sunny and warm year round? I AM FREEZING! I was outside for this neighborhood thing tonight and I could not feel my fingers. My teeth were chattering. That is not acceptable.  I want to run around in shorts and tank tops! It feels like it is going to snow. Which is all good. When I am prepared for it. Wow I'm pathetic. I have my comforter 2 fuzzy blankets and a quilt on my bed and i am wearing my victoria's secret pajama pants, pink fuzzy socks, a long sleeve shirt, and my NYU sweatshirt and i am still cold. This is a little ridiculous don't you think?!


So i am driving from newport because i had to drop rachel off at home. And there is this car in front of me that is driving like 20 MPH or something. You know, it's always the mom in the mini van or the old person in a beat up sudan or a gardening truck that you feel like is going to fall apart in the middle of the freeway or something or the asian person that everyone is afraid to drive next to.  Just saying. Not trying to be racist. There are some good asian drivers I'm sure. The majority of them scare me. Same with moms and grandmas. I am a girl and it scares the shit out of me when women drive. So in this case- it's the mini van. Probably the soccer mom. Dealing with screaming kids and stuff in the back seat yelling, "MOMMMY! I WANT TO WATCH MONSTERS INC.!!!" or something. You know exactly who i am talking about. So I am driving, driving, driving. Then this woman in a mini van cuts me off! And starts driving SLOW and I am sitting there saying 'Oh my god. I was driving 85 and now i'm driving 55. DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS YOU STUPID WOMAN!!!' and i can't get around her now because there is traffic on both sides of me and I am sitting there saying I am going to hurt this woman and getting all mad and wanting to kill myself and my dad is just sitting there. I have road rage. Can you tell?

this made me laugh. 

The good stuff

So as you all know, I have an obsession with the doors. I have been listening them for the past hour- well blasting it anyways. It's so much better loud ;) Jim Morrison is kinda my idol. SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK AND ROLL- it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. He was a true rockstar. And i am obsessed with the  rawness of their music. I like how uncensored it is and that it is so unprocessed. It is so much better than all the stuff we have today. I mean if you are talking about real music anyways. All the stuff we have now is just a machine singing not a person. Just look at how many people can sing live. Very, very few. So in conclusion. The doors. Are the best. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010


So i really want tattoos. Call me crazy. They would all mean a lot to me even thought I'd have more than a few. Okay, so everyone keeps asking me what I want so i guess i'll give the list. I want one on the back of my neck when my grandma dies that is a butterfly (either red or blue colors) with writing in an arch under it. One on the inside of my wrist that say "c'est la vie" which means such as life. It's kinda been a thing between me and my dad for a while. Shit happens. You know? And that just reminds me of him saying life moves on. On on my hip (kinda where the sea horse tattoo is) that says "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" over one of the scars I have. One going down my ribs idk what i want it to say yet (on the opposite side as the one on my hip) one on the back of my shoulder like on my shoulder blade, and maybe one on my ankle. Tat me up!!!

MY perfect guy

MY. PERFECT. GUY. What is a perfect guy? What is everyone looking for when you say PERFECT. I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect guy but I know what I like. I want someone that can make me smile. That can make me laugh. I want someone who I can be weird with who will hold my hand around his friends and kiss my hair and call me "cute" instead of "hot" I want someone that will lay in bed with me all day and cuddle and watch movies with me. Who will go do stupid things like go ice skating and go on ferris wheels and go bowling. I want someone who does what is good for me too, who doesn't put me in bad positions. I want someone who is there for me when everything seems to be going wrong, who stands up for me and is there to hug me when everything is falling to pieces. I want someone who is real. Who likes to be stupid and silly. Who isn't worried about what people think. Is any of this possible? Is it possible to find someone like that? Or am i being unrealistic.

had to post these....


So it's 50 degrees outside. At least it's sunny. Right? So we walk to the jacuzzi a few minutes away from Colin's house. This is the bad thing about having a guy in your life that surfs every day and is never cold. It doesn't matter if it's freezing outside its always time for a jacuzzi sesh. So we go to the jacuzzi and I change in the bathroom. And it's freezing. Cold tile + freezing outside+ bathing suit = HORRIBLE COMBINATION. So we go in the jacuzzi. And we are having  good time. For like 2 hours haha. And then these old people come. And we are sitting there. And it is really awkward. And then I start laughing because the old woman is sitting there say "OHHHHH! OHHH! These jets feel soooo good on my back." and the old man has boobs that could be bigger than mine. Big. Saggy. Boobs. And chest hair. So hot. So me and Colin are sitting in the jacuzzi. With these awkward old people. I get out to go get dressed. When I come back he is awkwardly staring at his phone and the old woman is standing in front of the old man. He awkwardly says bye and then we leave. As we are walking out- he says "i think they were waiting for us to leave so they can fuck" oh my god. hahahhaa. i can see it now. ew. no. why!!! fucking old people stealing our jacuzzi. "I was going to tell them to be safe but...." "Colin. She's too old to have babies" "but you're not!" "this is true... LET'S GO MAKE BABIES!!!" Just kidding. We are going back to his house to hang out with his mom. Hahaha i love awkward days with my husband <3

what to do when you are bored in a bathtub

  1. Find a rubber ducky. Make it swim.
  2. Pretend you are a fountain
  3. Blast Ke$ha as loud as you can and use the shampoo bottle as a microphone
  4. Scream at your sister through the wall and tell her you are trying to relax so she needs to shut up
  5. Call people and tell them you are in the bath when they say what's up.... if a guy starts talking dirty. HANG UP THE PHONE. 
  6. Close your eyes and take a nap. Just kidding! You might drown
  7. Make your bathtub an ocean. See how bug you can make the waves.


PETER was a lady bug. Oakley found him in her room on November 25th, 2010. He was a good lady bug. He never hurt anyone and buzzed around being a good little lady bug. At first, we thought he was a girl... but then we named him Peter. Peter was a perfect example of a wonderful buggy. Sadly, he passed away. 42 seconds after she found him. He died under her bed. It was a very very sad day. And we miss Peter very much. We intend to flush him on the 27th of November. If you would like to attend the service please contact Oakley. Rest in peace Peter! You will always be in our thoughts.


 I saw you turn into a tiger at midnight. I would have thought it was a very strange thing. But then again, you are a very strange person. It was really cool and all, until you tried to eat me. We wrestled on the couch and all the pillows on my bed ended up on the floor and sheets were in shreds. Damn. That was a long night. I need a beer. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I AM THANKFUL FOR..... it's an unusual list

1) turkey. i am thankful for turkey. without turkey what would thanksgiving be?

2) My wonderful, completely insane family that drives me crazy on a regular basis but that i could never live without

3) OCHSA. It gave me a newfound appreciation for the arts, handed me some of the most beautiful people that i have ever met that are like my sisters, taught me that we are all special, that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way and that we have the ability to create magic. It taught me to be myself and how to make the pain i felt subside. It taught me how to love. It taught me how to fight for what I wanted. It taught me how to stand up for what I believe in and to never back down. It taught me how to create more than art, it taught me how to create a masterpiece.

4) Rachel Hartman. my best friend. my sister. the girl that was there for me through everything. I put her though way more than one person should ever have to deal with and she never gave up on me. She gave me a much needed wakeup call and i love her with my whole heart.

5) This place I call home

6) My notebook. It taught me how to let go.

7) Lauren and Jaidyn- two amazing little girls that have changed my life. They have Downs and Rhett Syndrom and they have given me a new meaning of life and have showed me how lucky I am to have my voice, to be able to walk. The simplest things. Helping them overcome their obstacles made me a better person.

8) Independence. I am thankful that I have my own voice, my own thoughts, that I am not one of many that I can be one and a million.

9) John Mayer's song "slow dancing in a burning room" No kidding this song got me through everything.

10) Rachel Berkowitz, Jamie Belzowski, Emmalee Woodward for being there for me when I had no where to go. Seriously some of the most amazing girls I have ever met <3 You guys will be my sisters forever

11) Jen Hagen, Emily Salkovitz and Sam Mark for being insane and making me smile when i want to go die. You guys know how to make me smile and that is a beautiful thing.

12) John. Even though I hate him now, he taught me that if you love something... or someone... you have to fight for it. And he taught me that it's okay to let go sometimes

13) My scrapbook- reminds me of my roots. Reminds me where i came from. Where I've been. Who I love who has always been there for me. Sometimes I forget and I need a reminder.

14) For always being daddy's little girl no matter what <3 We fight. We scream at each other. We break stuff. We say shit we don't mean but he's always there to hold my hand and tell me it's alright even when i just want to run away and i think everything is falling apart. His opinion means the most to me and I am grateful to have him in my life still.

MERRRY thanksgiving!!!

What is thanksgiving? Is it really a time for giving thanks? Or is it a time to sit at a table and get fat? I mean honestly, I think every year everyone has thanksgiving dinner and lays down on the couch after feeling 10 pounds heavier. Just an observation... Turkey, potatoes (my personal favorite), cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, sweet potatoes, don't forget the gravy! Give me the good stuff. Right? I don't  know about you but I have the most unusual, dysfunctional family dinners ever. Everything from "Sarah Palin! GOD DAMN IT THAT WOMAN IS AN IDIOT!!!!!  Why does she have a reality TV show she just makes herself look more ignorant than she already appears." to "Did you see the real housewives of beverly hills this  week? You know the one where the guy carries around his little dog walking everywhere talking about how he isn't even allowed to open the refrigerator and wondering how his turtle got to his swimming pool from the pond he was supposed me be in? Wasn't it hilarious!?" to "No, I don't watch survivor, I watch the real house wives, it's my crack cocaine." to my sister laughing so uncontrollably that no sound is coming out any more. She looks like she needs oxygen when this happens. It's normal. I wrote all of this just to show, if you have a weird family, you aren't alone. So now it's time to give thanks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I was working at the library the other day doing some volunteer stuff for NCL and they were putting up Christmas decorations and other stuff for holidays in the month of December... WE HAVEN'T EVEN HAD THANKSGIVING YET!!!! Don't you think it's kinda weird when you walk into a store, and you are trying to enjoy the holiday currently taking place, but you are bombarded with wreaths and christmas trees and Santa decorations everywhere instead? Honestly, I find it to be very very annoying. Who does that? Just let me enjoy my Thanksgiving and then we can move on to Christmas/ Kwanza/ etc. When a holiday is based around turkeys and giving thanks i don't think that it should be overruled by people trying to get a head start on holidays a month away. So there is my random thought of the day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



reckless |ˈrekləs|
adjective(of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action reckless driving.DERIVATIVESrecklessly adverbrecklessness nounORIGIN Old English reccelēas, from the Germanic base (meaning [care] ) of reck .ƸӜƷFor some reason. This classification seems to fit me well. Or my parents think so anyways. Long story short, whenever anything goes wrong- I wasn't thinking what I was doing. Anyways, time for introductions.  My name is Kaitlyn. I am a writer. It is my true passion in life. I love photography and can often be seen wandering the hallways with friends carrying around a 20 pound camera. I went to OCHSA, the art school in santa ana for a year and now I am back going to school in the OC. I am brutally honest at times, err... more like on a regular basis. Sorry if you think I'm a bitch, at least I'm telling the truth. I have several obsessions and several really big pet peeves. OBSESSIONS: - The Doors: they are constantly on repeat. Jim Morrison is amazing. For some reason I love the fact that it is so uncensored and unprocessed, that they went against everything society wanted to make the music they wanted to make.- Red and black nail polish: I don't like the pretty little pearl pink nails, i like something that makes a statement. Acrylics are good too. It's always funny when guys say things like "scratch my arm" because you have fake nails hahaha- Starbucks: OH MY GOD i have a problem... its bad. Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, Passion Fruit Iced Tea with Raspberry Sweetener, Toffee Mochas, and Zebra Mochas with Peppermint Shots- Victoria's Secret: I think I live there. I really want to get my 1st job there. Or at  makeup or shoe place... we'll see :)-Dior Cherie: Heaven in a freakin bottle. It's kind of amazing I love it so much- Johnny Whittemore's Gray Sweatshirt: That I keep forgetting to give back to him... ooopssss. Well, he did say I could keep it. Johnny if you are reading this I love you :)- Old movies: Film Noir, 1940's, femme fatales, awesome. I love the fact that its black and white and the drama and the fashion, ahhh its just wonderful. - UGG boots: I live in them. - My new red heels from Bakers: They are so so so so so amazing. And the best part is, they dont kill your feet when you are walking in them all day :) Sexiest shoes on the planetPET PEEVES: i will keep this simple...- The typical stereotype of an "orange county girl" : Blonde hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake tan, low rise jeans, belly button rings- the usual. SO hot right??? I love when you talk to someone from a different state and their first question is "how's the OC?" or "are the girls really like that?" its annoying.-People that "love god" and claim to be church lovers but really go get wasted every weekend. I am far from perfect but at least I'm not saying "i love god" and all of that and going against everything the bible believes in and teaches. -People that can't spell. -People that take 1,000 years to respond to something... I mean really? It isn't that hard-Guys that talk about everything they have: Example one... I have this friend... he wants me to "give him a chance".. which isn't going to happen. Ever. Because all he ever talks about is getting girls and the money he has and his car and shit. It is pathetic. And then he tells me that he isn't cocky and everyone misunderstands him and I need to give him a chance. Really?So that is a little piece of me. I hope that you have a WONDERFUL day :) if you have something to ask me or tell me come share on my formspring: http://www.formspring.me/urmyotherhalf  Everyone seems to think it is amusing so enjoy!