Tuesday, December 21, 2010


well its 2:40 in the morning and i cant sleep so i decided to make a list of things to do when you can't sleep but want to and are trying to think of ways to crash:

1- eat. eat like all the stuff that makes you tired. you know, like after thanksgiving dinner when you just want to die because you are so full and fall asleep on the couch. eat like that.

2- take a bubble bath. its relaxing. just don't fall asleep in the tub you might drown.

3- start an art project, write something, color

4- waste an hour hitting refresh on facebook nothing on your newsfeed will change- so you'll get bored and go to bed

5- watch a chick flick they are boring and would make you rather want to sleep than watch them

6- listen to music in the dark you will fall asleep in 20 minutes tops

7- read some trashy magazine like cosmopolitan its so fun to read because it is so dirty and no one is there to yell at you when you start reading all the sex tips haha

8- clean your room, mind as well be productive

9- shop online, its a good way to waste time

10- read random crap online like FML its hilarious

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