Thursday, December 30, 2010

relationship status???

i've  been thinking about this a lot lately. and i think sometimes way more than one applies. You can be "single" but seeing someone but you aren't official. you can be looking for someone. you can be miserably searching for someone. you could be loving it. you could be screwing every girl in the city. you could be the girl in her bed room listening to taylor swift songs about love dreaming of her favorite boy. and all of those would make you apply to single. You could be in a "relationship" happy. rocky. roller coaster. breaking up. making up. bored. confused. trying to make it work. acting happy but really getting bored while you try and make it work. together but falling apart. head over heels. and still be "in a relationship" but that doesn't say much about the relationship now does it.You could be "engaged" and in love, engaged and confused, engaged wondering what the hell you got your self into. etc. but you are still engaged. you could be "married" as in married on facebook (haha that means nothing), married and in love, married but staying together for the kids,married but always fighting, married and wondering what the hell you are doing with your life, married and wondering how you chose this person, married and wondering how you got so damn lucky to have someone to wake up next to every morning, to hold your hand, to make you breakfast, to grow old with, to see right before you fall asleep and to see when you first open your eyes, someone to walk you through the hard things in life and to never give up on you. It could be "complicated"... one person might be in love the other might not care. just hooking up. starting out but not together yet. the awkward in between relationship phase where its... well... complicated. there aren't set rules yet, there's a lot of confusion, it has its ups and downs, people get hurt, and its a hell of a lot of fun. in an "open relationship" meaning ya we're together but i can fuck whoever i want still. we like being together but i like being able to do what i want and so does he/she. "widowed" could be an old woman or a 20 year old girl who lost the love of her life in an accident or in a war. "separated" meaning i love them. and i'm not ready to lose them. but i need a break. or they need a break. at least for now. maybe forever. "divorced" and happy. sad. lonely. missing them. regretting it. happy to be done with it. empty. you could be "fuck buddies" which literally means hey im bored you're cute lets go. "talking" flirting. crushing. interested. maybe interested. bored. booty call. "kinda talking" meaning off and on. ehh i kinda like them but idk. no sparks yet. getting there. maybe it could be something."something but nothing" meaning i like them he likes me. it can't be something. they won't make a move. they are with someone. it would never work. etc etc etc."confused" confused. confused. confused. sexually? hahaha like gay straight bi? or i dont know what im doing? "leading someone on" meaning i want something. i want you but not really. you are a one time thing. i need a date for something. i'm bored you're fun to talk to. its fun to play with you. im trying to make someone else jealous. i dont want anything serious i just like when you talk dirty. you get the idea. "being led on by someone" oh they like me! and i kinda like them we have a date soon he thinks i'm cute she's into me. "homewrecker" i like him. i can't have him. mmmm i like a challenge. i hate his gf. i just want to get him for the hell of getting him. just to say i did. i'm better than her. its fun. its sneaky. its dirty. its exciting. "mutual understanding" this is what it is. this is how it will be. you good? awesome. "no bf/gf since birth" and sad. devastated. ugly. scared. Mormon. etc. "best friends with benefits" i love you like a sister/ bro but you're fun to have fun with and it works because we know each other so well and we're always together and heck, its fun!! and we're cool so its all good. best friends with benefits that could turn into romance. best friends with benefits that could ruin the relationship. "love triangle" enough said. "exclusively dating" im not ready to call them my bf/gf but we are exclusive and we are happy how it is but we aren't with anyone else. "mistress" that loves the guy, that is having fun, that the wife knows about, that the wife is oblivious about, that he is going to leave his wife for, that is ruining a marriage, that has stolen his heart, that he secretly loves, that he is having sex with because he has a sexless marriage and is getting it somewhere else, that he likes to have fun with because its new and exciting, that everyone but the wife knows about, that secretly fell for him, that doesn't care for him but he fell for her, thats using him, that is falling apart from guilt. "in love" and loved back. unnoticed. loves from afar. fake love. puppy love. in love but broken up. "broken hearted" and with someone, and with someone else to try and forget who broke their heart, alone, trying to get over it, hiding it, but still with the person, forgotten, left behind, shoved aside, cheated on. "bitter" because she has him not you, because he left you, because he is happy and you're not, because you are alone now, because you have been forgotten or shoved aside or walked all over. "forever alone".....

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