Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just wondering. Does this mean if you're a slut you have to go down the giant whole in the ground? Like when you look down to read it does it just collapse on you or something? If you're a slut do you get thrown down it? It made me wonder. I mean, if I was walking down the street and this was written on a giant metal plate covering a hole in the ground I would question why it was written in that location. I mean really, if you opened that up would you find a bunch of sluts down there or something? hahaha


I hate it when you are blowdrying your hair right after you get out of the shower and you end up having to blow dry your whole body because you get goose bumps and stuff. So instead of blowdrying just your hair, you end up giving yourself a full blowdrying. It is so annoying. I just want to blow dry my hair for god's sake and i can't because i end up freezing. 

the official... BURN BOOK TUMBLR

So you want to see something really funny... more like really bad....     
 the official BURN BOOK TUMBLR!!!

Who has the time to do this? Post other people's tumblr's and stuff saying oh my god she's such a fat *&#(*$&(#*$#% oh my god i hope she *$&#(&$(*#$@)#(_@)$( OH MY GOD I HOPE SHE DOES. What is wrong with people? I mean honestly. Let's go tell the internet that all of these girls are fat hos that sounds like a good idea. Whoever made this site has major issues..

I love my friends.

I love when people send me random dirty jokes and quotes about stupid things. They make me laugh. hahahha and it is just wonderful because it's like really... who would ever say that?? But then you read it and you just want to ROFL. ROFL is a funny word. ROFL= Roll on the floor laughing for those of you that do not know text abbreviations hehe ;) So anyways this made me want to ROFL. It's stupid but i don't really care. It was funny at the time. Just thought i'd share <3

"A good wife does 70 chores around the house. Cooking. And 69." 

Oh math class....

SO my math teacher must love our class. 7 AM and everyone is in their seats waiting for the bell to ring usually. It's all freshman and 4 or 5 sophmores including me. Geometry. Call me stupid. So the other day we are sitting there and one of the guys is talking about his grandpa. "HE CALLS HARRY POTTER PETER POTTER!!!!!" and "he asks me.... 'where do you put the disk in this thing?' when he is looking at my ipod. Okay grandpa, there aren't disks any more." and then you've got the really eccentric kid behind me. Everyone swears he's gay and he loves to act things out when he talks. So the other day he was talking about one of his old teachers. "She's a troll!!!!! I told her that she was pregnant and should wear mom jeans because she is so fat. It's disgusting." Skaff must love us. He just stands there and shakes his head hahaha