Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Before i die.

(the blue ones i already have done)

Finish a book.
swim with dolphins
Make my own cook book.
Buy a black convertible mustang.
See Greece and Paris.
Go snowboarding.
Get a tattoo.
Be in two places at once.
Get married.
Rock Climb in Zion
Hike Angel's landing
kiss someone at the top of a ferris wheel
See the ball drop in NYC on New Years
Go scuba diving
Have my own photography studio.
Sleep under the stars.
See the northern lights
Relearn how to play the piano
Go to a movie at midnight
Go to the cathedrals in Europe
Learn how to drive a stick
Ride an elephant
Make my own recipe
Kiss under mistletoe ;)
Tell the people I have hurt I am sorry.
See Jaidyn walk.
Hike a volcano
Lay in bed all day and relax. for once.
Backpack through Europe
Go cliff diving
Go to over 10 national parks
Go to the top of the empire state building
See the constitution and declaration of independence.
Have an article published in a major newspaper
Buy a puppy.
Perfect salsa dancing and the bachata
Swim in a waterfall
Go to all 50 states.
Go to college and graduate.
Read all of Shakespeare's plays
Ride a mechanical bull.
Swim in all my clothes
Say i love you and mean it
Make a scrapbook of my life so far.
Have a baby. 
Learn how to speak french fluently.
Learn how to surf
Kiss in the rain
Watch the sun rise from the grand canyon
Go in a hot air balloon
Hike to the bottom of the grand canyon
Go white water rafting

slightly intoxicated; tipsy

How to piss off a librarian

i ate lunch in the library the other day because i was doing homework with someone. and i didn't know that people actually went in the library. and the librarians are really really mean. so i compiled a list of ways to piss them off because she yelled at people for everything

1) Kiss in the library. She hates PDA. A lot. I don't even think she'd let you hold hands in there so i'm sure she'll love that

2) Open a bag of your favorite chips- it will be noising and make a popping noise. Then loudly eat your chips. and then, lick your fingers. she may kick you out because she is so disgusted.

3) Lift the legs of your chair off the ground and hold on to the table so you dont fall.

4) Laugh. Loudly.

5) Rearrange the books so that they are not in order. Or better yet, leave them on the ground.

6) Rearrange the tables and chairs. She hates when things are out of order or not the way they are supposed to be.

7) Play games on the school computers or try and hack facebook or be really bad and look at porn or something. She will have a field day.

8) Sit there and do nothing. She doesn't like when you aren't being productive.

9) When she shhhhh's you just keep talking.

10) Don't push your chair in. and leave little crumblies and papers on the floor.

Write me a song

I just found these lyrics to a song me and my friend wrote. It's actually pretty good, it was so much fun writing this with her because she has an amazing voice and she is like my sister but i just found it and it made me wanna write a song!!! But i don't know what to write it about.....


2 crunch wrap supremes, steak quesadilla combo with one taco and a large baha blast mountian dew one large order of curly fries 3 pink sprinkle doughnuts. a lemon loaf a tall passion fruit lemonade iced tea with 2 pumps of sweetener a venti gingerbread latte and a venti toffee mocha frappachino. God i missed fat tuesdays. 3 girls pigging out at lunch. The best. If we're going to eat- we are going to eat


Time to decorate the christmas tree! I used to love doing this my dad would pick me up so i could hang the ornaments on the tree and over the years i obviously have decided i dont want my dad lifting me up to hang ornaments. I am 5'2. Its kinda hard to hang ornaments on the tree. And ladders scare me. It has become a problem hahhaa

Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided. 

New blogging buddy!

So my wonderful friend Raquel is going to start blogging on here with me :) She is like exactly like me so i think this is going to work! We wear the same size shoes, same size shirts, same size jeans, and i think even have the same bra size hahha. She is also 5'2 and has an obsession with shoes and acrylics like me. We get our nails done together. We write love notes together in French class and are going to have fishy play dates haha so meet my other half Raquel!!!!