Monday, December 20, 2010

someone sent this to me so i figured i'd do it haha

name? kaitlyn alexis
name spelled backwards? sixela nyltiak
nicknames/ pet names? bunny (dont ask), green bean, babydoll, pumpkin, angel baby, babe, baby, love, cutie pie, schnookums, cupcake, etc etc etc
birthday? february 4th
age? 15
sign? aquarius
married or divorced? married <333333
favorite colors? aqua blue, pink, red.
orange or apple juice? orange
what are you hearing right now? football game
current job? currently unemployed. haha
last thing you ate? strawberries :)
current disappointment: i am so bored and my plans for tonight got ruined
last kiss? everyone already knows this.
craving right now? starbucks, stride peppermint gum, chips and salsa
last thing you bought? knee high leather boots from steve madden and 2 jackets and a coat from bcbg
any song lyric? you just hurt my goddamn feeling. and that was the last one i had. - eminem
current annoyance? people gettting over involved in my relationships
night or day? NIGHT
go to the movies or rent? go to the movies
ever stolen anything? nope
last person you were on the phone with? Jen <3
last time you showered? last night
loud or soft music? loud
mcdonalds or burger king? burger king
number of pillows? 2 or 3
piano or guitar? either :) i love both
ever moved? yes
do you believe in love at first sight? no. i believe that love takes time. i believe in attraction at 1st sight
do you like to party? i love to party :)
last time you cut your hair? like 2 or 3 months ago. im growing it out
is your hair dyed? nope. all natural.
what is the weather like right now? stormy. raining. cold. haha
do you like this kind of weather? yes. i love the rain haha
birthplace? orange county
christmas or halloween? for family- christmas. for parties- halloween
colored or black and white photos? black and whites usually :)
do long distance relationships work? nope. they dont
do you believe in astrology? nope i think its BS
are you currently happy? yes i am!!!!
sleep with or without clothes on? depends on the day... t shirt or bra and undiess :) hehhee
blue or black pens? blue usually
dress up for halloween? if im not grounded- yes. 
do you like someone? yes
do they know? yes they do
do you like more than one person? kinda
who sleeps with you every night? ...........
think you're attractive? why would you ask this?
want to get married? yes
to who? you of course :)
want kids? Yes.
how many? 3-- 2 boys and one girl
like to travel? yes i do i like seeing new places
best form of procrastination? blogging facebook writing
favorite ice cream? fishfood by ben and jerrys or the cinnamon swirl by ben and jerrys or blackberry cabernet sorbet. soooooo yummy
favorite type of food? chinese or mexican
favorite restaurant? TAO in vegas
like to cook? very much
favorite thing to cook? i have my own chicken marsala recipe and pancake recipe, i like making this chinese chicken salad i love cooking italian food and chinese food i havent really learned how to cook mexican food yet
relationship status? single.... its complicated????  but single...
height? 5'2 biotchhhh
eye color? green/gray/blue/gold they change a lot
any animals? pupppppyyyyyy
ever gotten in a fight? oh yaaa
sports? grew up around baseball
have you been faithful? yes. i have never cheated. i have never even thought of cheating. and i can honestly say that
ever been cheated on? yes. i have.
how many times? more than once.
last serious talk? yesterday actually
last time you cried? friday i believe
last time you hugged someone? today
last time you laughed until you cried? too long ago
last time you felt stupid? today.
last time you bought something? today actually
last time you talked to someone you loved? used to love... weeks and weeks ago
last time you missed someone? im missing someone now
have you ever smoked? never
have you ever been in love? yes i have
have you ever hiked a mountian? yuppp
have you ever seen the white house? mhmm 8th grade
have you ever eaten a whole box of oreos? every single day
have you ever been dumped? yes
have you ever kissed someone? of course
have you ever played monopoly? yes it is a very long game
have you ever been on a plane? yupp
have you ever been on a boat? yes
have you been in a car accident? yes i have
have you ridden an elephant? i wish!
have you ever made a web page? yaaa im blogging so yes hahaha
have you ever played barbies? when i was little :)
have you ever taken a bubble bath? i did yesterday!
have you ever pulled an all nighter? OF COURSE
have you ever dumped someone and regretted it? yes i have
have you ever been afraid of the dark? i love the dark.
have you ever lied? hahahah yes....
have you ever gone out with more than one person at a time? nope i have not
have you ever been arrested? no
have you ever had stitches? nope 
have you ever been in trouble for talking in class? like every single week i get in trouble for that haha
have you ever been kicked out of class? at least twice a month
have you ever used food for something other than to eat? haha uhmmm......
have you ever fallen asleep in class? every day
have you ever gotten in trouble in class? yes.
have you ever hated yourself? unfortunately
have you ever hurt yourself? unfortunately yes.
have you ever met a celebrity? not that i can recall
have you ever broken the law? hahahaahhahahahhaa
have you ever been heartbroken? i still am.
have you ever broken someone else's heart? yes i have and i feel awful about it
are you a virgin? no
have you ever hurt a friend? yes i have
have you ever done something really stupid? all the time
have you ever broken a bone? nope
have you ever had a crush on a teacher? yes
have you ever called a psychic or sex hotline? OHHHH YAAAAA every single day!!! hahah no.
favorite guy names? eric, river, derek, jason, blake, austin, hunter, casey, colin, tyler, drew, bryce, sky, kyle, mike, justin, donovan, andrew, alec, cameron, cole, dylan, evan, gavin, holden, conor, jake, josh, zak
favorite girl names? chelsea, amber, lexi, eryn, grace, sam, casey, brynne, bree, kelsea, jamie, rachel, amanda, rae, victoria, ashley, brooke, cierra, dani, avery, michaela, madison
favorite holiday? christmas or valentine's day
favorite season? winter
favorite number/s? 11 and 27
favorite day of the week? friday saturday or wednesday
favorite animal? tiger or leopard
favorite soda? Dr. Pepper and baja blast mtn. dew is pretty good tooo
favorite instrument? cello, guitar, or piano
favorite mall? spectrum or mission viejo mall
favorite sport? grew up around baseball, i like watching sports though.. football, soccer, lacrosse, etc.
favorite vacation spot? hawaii or zion
favorite flower? roses i like lilies too but im allergic
favorite state? New York, Cali, or Hawaii
Favorite perfume? miss dior cheri, vera wang princess, versace
favorite car? i love the mustang
favorite month? february, july, december
favorite cartoon? tom and jerry :) hehe
favorite TV show? CSI, Castle, the mentalist, fringe, all that kinda stuff
favorite book? i love in cold blood by truman capote but i can not choose just one
your best friend? Rachel Hartman.
best friends that are girls? rachel hartman, raquel cdebaca, rachel berkowitz, jamie belzowski, emmallee woodward, kelly savage, ivana rhiter, tanja radic, courtney mccarthy, oakley strassner
best friends that are guys? holden lager, cody west, ryan page, joey farcone, kyle goodbrand, brett hayes, etc. etc. etc haha derek garcia ;) hehehee
favorite magasine? seventeen, vogue, cosmopolitan, elle
favorite fruit? strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapefruit, pineapple
favorite vegetable? avacado, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, celery, cucumbers
favorite saying? c'est la vie
favorite quote? toooo many...
favorite candy? sour patch, starburst, reeses, twix
favorite band? the doors
favorite language? to listen to- french.
like to swim? yes
like to dance? definitely
have a pool? yuppp
have a car? no
what do you look for in a friend? someone who is fun who i can talk to who is loyal who can make me smile. honestly means everything to me.
what do you look for in a girl/ guy? i want a guy who can make me smile, who i can be silly around and who is silly around me and doesn't judge me for it, i want someone who likes to laugh and go do stupid things like ride ferris wheels and go ice skating. i want someone who i can be honest with who i can trust, someone who i can talk to and who will support me and what i do. i want someone who can look past the mistakes ive made and look at me for who i am now. i want someone who is faithful. 
time you get up? school days: 5:30 weekends: between 11 and 1
time you go to sleep? late. between 11 and 3 usually
ever skip school? .............
what are you wearing? a sweatshirt thong and little ugg boots haha
what did you eat for dinner? i didnt eat dinner
have you ever been convicted of a crime? luckily no
what song made you cry? slow dancing in a burning room, nicest things, almost lover
favorite possessions: my silver tiffany's ring- i wear it every day, ugg boots, my computer, my camera, my gray sweater, this one necklace... scrapbook
current obsessions? the doors, acrylics, red and back nail polish, strawberries, blackberry cabernet sorbet, starbucks coffee, the snow flake on my acrylics haha, chips and salsa, victorias secret, the rain, my boots
does christmas music played too far away from christmas bother you? YESSSSS SOOO MUCH
best halloween costume you've ever had? hahahahah cant answer this
do you like hugs? very much
do you like to walk in the rain? YESSS
do you have a goldfish? i want one
do you believe in god? not any more...
do you laugh easily? no i dont sadly
ever kissed a girl? yuppp
are you religious? no not any more
are you okay dating someone religious? yes i am as long as they dont preach
do you get along with your family? i love my family
get grounded a lot? all the time
get along with your friends? yes
run into walls and doors? i usually fall down stairs or trip randomly haha
blonde? no. maybe i should be though
are you a bum? ohhh ya
do you shower? every day
do you hate school? sometimes
do you have a social life? yes. haha
are you a dare devil? i dont usually do stupid things that can physically hurt me haha
do you trust people easily? no. i dont any more. 
do you want to sky dive? kinda
do you think you are funny? not really. i am witty.
are you a serious person? i can be. im pretty deep if you get to know me
do you work out? 24 hour fitness babyyy
do you want to go to college? ya
do you ever feel insecure? at times
have you ever hurt yourself because of someone else? yes.
have you ever been to counciling? yes.
have you ever wanted to change the way you looked? yes
do you believe in karma? definitely
do you believe in fate? not so much
do you believe in life after death? no
do you believe in love? working on that
do you believe in yourself? i believe in confidence
do you cry easily? not at all. i never cry really
do you have a tan? im like albino
do you like taking pictures? yes
do you like having your picture taken? i am comfortable in front of cameras
do you like amusement parks? love them
are you considered a flirt? yes haha
do you like coffee? yes im addicted
do you have braces? no.
do you have allergies? flowers haha
do you like parties? yes very very much haha
do you get along with people? ya im a very social person
naughty or nice? naughty ;)
do you spend too much money? i am a compulsive shopper
is your room clean? haha god no
favorite hobbies? photography and writing and stuff :)
 Go ahead, just keep hurting me. It’s not like your feelings are involved anyway.

live your life!

sometimes you just have to say screw it and have a little fun in life. do what you want. dance in your underwear. swim in the rain. sing at the top of your lungs. kiss long. smile. love with your whole heart. go ice blocking. throw glitter in the air. stay up late. laugh. laugh until you cry. dream. and never forget.

So happy together

Imagine me and you, 
I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight
So happy together 
If I should call you up (call you up) 
Invest a dime
And you say you belong to me
And ease my mind (ease my mind)
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine (very fine)
So happy together

I can't see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together

Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba 
Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together
So happy together
How is the weather
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba) 
So happy together
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba)
We're happy together
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba)
So happy together...
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba)
So happy together...
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba)
So happy together...
(Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba Ba ba)