Friday, December 24, 2010

can i be a kid again? just for one day- so i can have a REAL christmas??? i miss the magic of it.

4 minutes

well... i think i might have failed this year. i mean really. i ate my first christmas cookie today. i have been the grinch all "christmas season" according to my dad. he even sang me the grinch song. but changed it. you're a mean one- mr. grich (me: MS. grinch) your eyes as black as mascara!!! while i made chocolate crinkle cookies that i have been craving but haven't gotten. haha god i love my family. i didnt make cookies for santa. or leave him milk and cookies and carrots and rain deer food.i didn't write my letter to santa. i know that if i had to choose naughty or nice i would be on the naughty list. i am getting coal for christmas. AMEN!!!!

the eve of christmas

it is the eve of christmas... still. it has been raining all break. houses are flooded. cars are ruined. awesome. merry freakin christmas everyone. my water heater broke and is making a mess in my garage but at least i still have my house for christmas. i made an invention! its a funnel... made out of a margarita mix bottle, a hose, and duct tape. and it works :)i have the weirdest family in the world but i am thankful that we are all alright and that we have our houses and everything i couldn't ask for anything more. but it helps that i just got the most adorable bag and got to make chocolate crinkle cookies earlier!!
Student-"How do you spell ______" Teacher"Get the dictionary and look it up." Student- "Bitch if i cant spell it how the hell can i find it in the dictionary."

I'm gonna kick his ass

just a thank you

thank you for the lies you should have never told. thank you for walking away when you promised you'd stay by my side. thank you for the empty- broken promises. thank you for the days worth crying. thank you for the sick feeling in my stomach. thank you for letting go of my hand when you promised you'd never drop it. thank you for the eyes you gave me to behold. thank you for keeping the secrets i should have never told. thank you for coming up short. thank you for the tears that i have cried. thank you for false beliefs. and the days you should have said goodbye. thank you for ignoring me. thank you for adoring me. thank you for exploring me- when i didn't even know me. thank you for the heart you broke. thank you for the words you spoke. thank you for the stars in your eyes and the tears that shouldn't have been cried. thank you for the crabby moods. thank you for letting me stand in your shoes. thank you for the rhythm and blues. for giving me the blues. thank you for the smiles i smiled. thank you for walking the mile. thank you for making me laugh. thank you for kissing my hair when i began to crack. thank you for leaving me here. thank you for making me fear. everything i have come to be. thank you for making me fear- well... me. thank you for the kisses on the cheek. the kisses that made me weak. the kisses when you said goodnight. the kisses that made me never want to say goodbye. thank you for the piggy back rides thank you for the empty, empty eyes thank you for everything you did. thank you for making me nerves run thin. thank you for tearing me apart. when you knew you would from the very start. thank you for making my blood run cold and for the eyes you gave me to behold. 

Nevermind that noise you heard... It's just the beast under your bed... In your closet and in your head

the eve of christmas

today is the eve of christmas. and im laying in bed with courtney and my water heater is broken and we are listening to random god songs while she calls me a whore.. wait wait wait... slut. sorry. wrong word. apparently there's a big difference. i should know. but today is the eve of christmas. santa isn't bring me shit. because im probably on the naughty list. UHHH OHHH ya me and this guy at the mall yesterday-- zak... told the santa at the mall that he was an impostor and that santa wasn't real. im going to hell. well at least it'll be warm down there. not like this shit. maybe i'll get a nice tan. or maybe i'll burn. burn in H-E- double hockeysticksss!!!! wish me luck because im not nice. i am very very very naughty. sue me. hehe jk santa is REAL!!!!

courtney decided to like this picture as a surprise for me and left it on my desktop. i question why she is posting porn on my computer but hey, whatever. i dont think shes a lesbian... welll...... god i love my friends ..... i censored it. just figured i'd share :))) enjoy.