Sunday, December 26, 2010

i love this

part of some new lyrics?

and when everything seems to be going wrong when the streets are empty and the world fades to black i'lll be there to hold your hand and wait for the sun to set fire to the sky ♥

love marisol and her mommy!

Mom: I just booty called someone!

Marisol: WHAT?!

Mom: You know, when you don't lock your phone and it dials from your pocket…

Marisol: The proper term is "butt dialed". "Booty calling" is an entirely different thing.

done being moody- time to be happy

hello everyone. just wanted to apologize for being so whiney and not myself lately haha i missed being fun sarcastic kaitlyn-- but i'm back!!!!!!! so no more of this sad stuff. its time to smile and joke and have some more fun ;) sound good?? okay awesome!

word of the day!!!

being attracted to one's lips

she's pretty good! i found this and just thought i'd share :)