Thursday, December 30, 2010

and some castles made out of sand will melt into the sea eventually

California: According to Urban Dictionary

1. state that produces more good than anywhere else, has crazy night life, large school, hot women, a load of stuff to do, and the longest beach anyone has ever seen
2. extremely diverse
3. much more entertaining than texas

the area code for south orange county, one of the richest places in the country. also, its a huge bubble and life outside it is "gay" (btw i love here so i have the right to make fun of it)

i live in the 949 and i love listening to music about pain such as my chemical romance and watching shows for 12 year old girls such as the OC.

United States:
If you don't like it, go live in Canada mother fuckers.

the name that non-native californian's use when referring to California and trying to seem like a real Californian.
Typical of an East Coaster

Hey, duuuudddess let's go to the shore in Cali, and thrash some waves.

Complicated Starbucks Orders

i'm a starbucks junkie. everyone knows that. its bad. like i seriously have a problem. Venti skinny cinnamon dolce lattes. zebra mochas with a peppermint shot. passion fruit iced tea with raspberry sweetener. toffee mocha frappachinos. you get the idea. its funny when i go in there in the morning and the person behind the counter says "good morning kaitlyn, what would you like today?" and i turn around and look at the guy in the suit behind me whos face is like oh my god are you kidding me? before ordering. but what is the most complicated starbucks order?

"Yes hi I'll have a tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot (two shots decaf, two shots regular) latte with whip."

"Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended."

"Triple Grande 140 degree no foam cinnamon dolce latte with caramel on the whip."

who can come up with the most complicated starbucks order???? maybe you'll win a prize if you come up with a really good one ;)

the talk of her extensive whoreness has crossed oceans. thats impressive.

i love having to stand on my tippy toes to kiss you
i want chipotle right now!!!!!!

33 things to do while home alone

1) dance in your underwear
2) sing along to the newest Katy Perry or Justing Beiber song... oh i know its a guilty pleasure of yours
3)take a bath and fill it with lots of bubbles
4) watch the TV show or movie that is your favorite but can't watch because it drives everyone crazy and its always on
5)tan outside without a bathing suit on- you won't have tan lines hehe just make sure your neighbors aren't creepin
6) sing along to an opera and pretend that you are really good
7) do those funny exercise videos in front of the TV the ones about how to do chair dances and sexy yoga are hilarious by the way
8) make your own youtube video- parodies are hilarious. so pick a song and make fun of it or something!!
9) go mattress surfing down your stairs
10) sit in front of your computer and take 100 pictures of yourself until you think you look pretty in one
11) read a magazine that you love but would be too embarrassed to read around anyone else
12) clean out your closet!
13)have a TV marathon and lay in bed all day
14) cook something out of a cook book instead of microwaving. make some fancy dish and enjoy it afterwards
15)make a scrapbook- bet you can't remember all the things that happened in the pictures. try and remember so you have it when you are old
16) read blogs they are a complete waste of time and can be funny
17) impersonate people from the movies you are watching
18) skip around the house singing show tunes and dancing with your dog or something have fun with it!
19)walk around naked.. hey if you're into that kinda thing now is your time because you can't normally do that... i think
20)make cookies then proceed to eat them all. yum yum yum
21)take a quiz and see who you truly are- GOOD way to waste time
22)hey... here's one! READ A BOOK!!!
23) make a playlist of music that makes you happy
24) give yourself a mental health day and get all pretty- do your nails, do your hair, relaxxxx
25) clean something. its a good way to waste time and you are being productive
26) exercise and blast music
27) facebook creep on people and refresh your news feed every 2 seconds
28) prank phone call someone
29) lay out on a raft in the pool, sleep, read a magazine, relax, listen to some music
30) have an art project make something pretttyyyyyy
31) play farmville or something
32) play barbies or legos dont you miss being a kid?
33) see how big of a bubble you can blow with your bubble gum

look outside at all the pretty people walking by

best friends

 we hold hands. we tell each other everything. we are constantly together. we share dressing rooms. bathrooms. beds. we ask for advice. hold each other when we cry we kiss each other.we kiss each other just because we can because we are like sisters. we do crazy things. we dance in our underwear. we have "dates" and go do fun things. we act like we love each other. and thats because we do. we are best friends. we might look like lesbians to you but shes my brother from another motherr, my sister <3
cutest thing i've seen in my life

blah blah blahhhh

that's all they were. to kids in love. holding hands and walking towards the setting sun. with no where to go, had no plan in mind. she had a flower behind her ear and there were stars in their eyes. they didn't care where they were going they thought it would all work out. until they figured out what life was all about. they had their fights. they said some things they shouldn't have said. but they kept coming back to the nights in their head where they were sitting in bed and kissing in the rain and waking up and hearing their name and seeing that look in the other one's eyes that made them melt, no need to come to a compromise. so they looked past the fights and things they shouldn't have said and the days she went home and cried the things she words she should have said and the times he forgot to tell her that he loved her. because they were just two kids in love. thought nothing could go wrong. until they came to the end and it all fell apart. and it was the end of the world and nothing really mattered. 

saturday night live video. its actually kinda funny hahahhaha


Husband: honey make me a sandwich.
Wife: get it yourself.
Husband: No, i'm watching the game
Wife: get off your lazy ass and make your own damn sandwich
Wife: i don't live to please you
Husband: yes you do, you said it at our wedding
Wife: i say a lot of things

relationship status???

i've  been thinking about this a lot lately. and i think sometimes way more than one applies. You can be "single" but seeing someone but you aren't official. you can be looking for someone. you can be miserably searching for someone. you could be loving it. you could be screwing every girl in the city. you could be the girl in her bed room listening to taylor swift songs about love dreaming of her favorite boy. and all of those would make you apply to single. You could be in a "relationship" happy. rocky. roller coaster. breaking up. making up. bored. confused. trying to make it work. acting happy but really getting bored while you try and make it work. together but falling apart. head over heels. and still be "in a relationship" but that doesn't say much about the relationship now does it.You could be "engaged" and in love, engaged and confused, engaged wondering what the hell you got your self into. etc. but you are still engaged. you could be "married" as in married on facebook (haha that means nothing), married and in love, married but staying together for the kids,married but always fighting, married and wondering what the hell you are doing with your life, married and wondering how you chose this person, married and wondering how you got so damn lucky to have someone to wake up next to every morning, to hold your hand, to make you breakfast, to grow old with, to see right before you fall asleep and to see when you first open your eyes, someone to walk you through the hard things in life and to never give up on you. It could be "complicated"... one person might be in love the other might not care. just hooking up. starting out but not together yet. the awkward in between relationship phase where its... well... complicated. there aren't set rules yet, there's a lot of confusion, it has its ups and downs, people get hurt, and its a hell of a lot of fun. in an "open relationship" meaning ya we're together but i can fuck whoever i want still. we like being together but i like being able to do what i want and so does he/she. "widowed" could be an old woman or a 20 year old girl who lost the love of her life in an accident or in a war. "separated" meaning i love them. and i'm not ready to lose them. but i need a break. or they need a break. at least for now. maybe forever. "divorced" and happy. sad. lonely. missing them. regretting it. happy to be done with it. empty. you could be "fuck buddies" which literally means hey im bored you're cute lets go. "talking" flirting. crushing. interested. maybe interested. bored. booty call. "kinda talking" meaning off and on. ehh i kinda like them but idk. no sparks yet. getting there. maybe it could be something."something but nothing" meaning i like them he likes me. it can't be something. they won't make a move. they are with someone. it would never work. etc etc etc."confused" confused. confused. confused. sexually? hahaha like gay straight bi? or i dont know what im doing? "leading someone on" meaning i want something. i want you but not really. you are a one time thing. i need a date for something. i'm bored you're fun to talk to. its fun to play with you. im trying to make someone else jealous. i dont want anything serious i just like when you talk dirty. you get the idea. "being led on by someone" oh they like me! and i kinda like them we have a date soon he thinks i'm cute she's into me. "homewrecker" i like him. i can't have him. mmmm i like a challenge. i hate his gf. i just want to get him for the hell of getting him. just to say i did. i'm better than her. its fun. its sneaky. its dirty. its exciting. "mutual understanding" this is what it is. this is how it will be. you good? awesome. "no bf/gf since birth" and sad. devastated. ugly. scared. Mormon. etc. "best friends with benefits" i love you like a sister/ bro but you're fun to have fun with and it works because we know each other so well and we're always together and heck, its fun!! and we're cool so its all good. best friends with benefits that could turn into romance. best friends with benefits that could ruin the relationship. "love triangle" enough said. "exclusively dating" im not ready to call them my bf/gf but we are exclusive and we are happy how it is but we aren't with anyone else. "mistress" that loves the guy, that is having fun, that the wife knows about, that the wife is oblivious about, that he is going to leave his wife for, that is ruining a marriage, that has stolen his heart, that he secretly loves, that he is having sex with because he has a sexless marriage and is getting it somewhere else, that he likes to have fun with because its new and exciting, that everyone but the wife knows about, that secretly fell for him, that doesn't care for him but he fell for her, thats using him, that is falling apart from guilt. "in love" and loved back. unnoticed. loves from afar. fake love. puppy love. in love but broken up. "broken hearted" and with someone, and with someone else to try and forget who broke their heart, alone, trying to get over it, hiding it, but still with the person, forgotten, left behind, shoved aside, cheated on. "bitter" because she has him not you, because he left you, because he is happy and you're not, because you are alone now, because you have been forgotten or shoved aside or walked all over. "forever alone".....

word of the day

the urge to stare at obscene pictures

too cold to get out of bed

i hate when you're in bed and its like too cold to get up. so im sitting here and i want socks because my feet are so cold but i went to bed in a bandeau and boy shorts and i dont want to get up because its too cold!!!! AHHHHHHH maybe i should just start keeping a sweatshirt and slippers next to my bed for when i sleep because this is no fun. its like the horrible oh my god i really need to go do this, get up, pee, get socks, etc kinda thing but im going to die of frost bite if i get up. fun.