Wednesday, July 27, 2011

beauty |ˈbyoōtē|noun ( pl. -ties)combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight I was struck by her beauty an area of outstanding natural beauty.• combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.• [as adj. denoting something intended to make a woman more attractive beauty products beauty treatment.a beautiful or pleasing thing or person, in particular• a beautiful woman.• an excellent specimen or example of something the fish was a beauty, around 14 pounds.• ( the beauties of) the pleasing or attractive features of something the beauties of the Pennsylvania mountains.• [in sing. the best feature or advantage of something the beauty of keeping cats is that they don't tie you down.PHRASESbeauty is in the eye of the beholder proverb beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to is only skin-deep proverb a pleasing appearance is not a guide to character.ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French beaute, based onLatin bellus ‘beautiful, fine.’

you must be willing to let go of the life you planned before you can have the life that is waiting got you

"i'm not always as confident as i seem. there are many nights and many days all i want is to be held. i love being held. always. sometimes i don't want to talk about what is bothering me. sometimes i just want a hug. someone who will let me cry. i like when boys cry in front of me- when people aren't afraid to show what they're really feeling. i don't like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn't do anyone any good. i wear my heart on my sleeve, but i am not naive. i know what it feels like to be completely broken and i am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. i know what it's like to see something funny and not laugh. i've been taken advantage of, used, and abused. my feelings have been blatantly disregarded. but i still believe that all people are good at heart. and my trust in people has not diminished. to be completely honest, i hope it never does."

i want to invent my own sin
i want to die of my own poison

a guy and a girl can just be friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other.. maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever

kiss |kis|verb [ trans. ]touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, orgreeting he kissed her on the lips [ trans. she kissed the childrengoodnight [ intrans. we started kissing.• Billiards (of a ball) lightly touch (another ball) in passing.nouna touch with the lips in kissing.• Billiards a slight touch of a ball against another ball.• used to express affection at the end of a letter (conventionally represented by the letter X) she sent lots of love and a whole line of kisses.a small cake or cookie, typically a meringue.• a small candy, esp. one made of chocolate.PHRASESkiss and make up become reconciled.kiss and tell chiefly derogatory recount one's sexual exploits, esp. to the media concerning a famous person [as adj. this isn't a kiss-and-tell book.kiss someone's ass vulgar slang behave obsequiously towardsomeone.kiss ass vulgar slang behave in an obsequious or sycophantic way.kiss something good-bye (or kiss good-bye to something)informal accept the certain loss of something I could kiss my career good-bye.kiss something to make it better informal comfort a sick or injured person, esp. a child, by kissing the sore or injured part of their body as a gesture of removing pain.kiss of death an action or event that causes certain failure for an enterprise it would be the kiss of death for the company if it could be proved that the food was unsafe.kiss of life mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. • figurative an action or event that revives a failing enterprise good ratings gave the program the kiss of life.kiss of peace a ceremonial kiss given or exchanged as a sign of unity, esp. during the Christian Eucharist.kiss the rod accept punishment submissively.PHRASAL VERBSkiss someone/something off informal dismiss someone rudely; end a relationship abruptly.kiss up to informal behave sycophantically or obsequiously toward (someone) in order to obtain something.DERIVATIVESkissable adjectiveORIGIN Old English cyssan (verb), of Germanic origin; related toDutch kussen and German küssen.

find someone who is good for you. not who you think is good for you. someone who really wants to be with you. find someone who calls you beautiful. find someone who just looks at you and smiles. find someone who kisses your forehead and hugs you from behind. find someone who will hold your hand and wipe away the tears from your cheeks when you cry. who you don't have to get all dressed up for- who will love you even in sweatpants with no makeup on and your hair tied up. find someone who loves you for you.

the moment you're talking to someone you used to like and they tell you they used to like you.

i'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly it's hard to say that i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep, cause everything is never as it seems

she's not the type of girl to wait by the phone. she won't cry anymore; she knows it got her nowhere. she'll laugh a lot and often. and she'll live her own life. she'd like you to be a part of it but she'll do just fine without you

i didn't change. i'm still the girl who sits around and laughs at dumb things and walks with the biggest smile on her face. you're just mad because frankly, i just got tired of the bullshit and don't give a damn anymore. you're just mad because i'm not sitting at home on a friday night wondering where you are, or who you're with. sweetie, you're just mad i moved on

i'm not the same. i look the same, and sound the same. but my smile isn't as real as it used to be.

cinderella did not facebook stalk prince charming. so girl, what the hell are you doing? stop it

you decided you were done. i said fuck you and moved on. then you come back and start calling me baby again. fuck you. i am not your baby. i am not your wifey, your honey, you're fucking baby girl. no. don't call me that. get away from me. you left. you walked out of my life. and once you walk out, i slam that fucking door behind you. you don't get a second chance. you don't deserve a second chance. so get the fuck out of my life and don't think that i am ever going to come back to you after what you did. just because you had me once doesn't mean you deserve me now or ever again. i don't miss you, i don't even miss the idea of you. you mean nothing to me. so you can stop talking now and stop wasting my time.

i think i have a chance at love but knowing me i miss it cause me dedicating my time just isn't realistic

i love when people take all these pictures trying to look as drunk as they can and put them all over facebook and the girls that take pictures with full bottles of alcohol and then they blur out the bottles so it is a big smudgy thing on the picture in the shape of the bottle. oh my god, like i have no idea what that blurry thing is. it is oh so mysterious. crop the fucking picture. my god. you just look dumb.

some people really shouldn't be allowed to drive. seriously. asian people, moms with children, and girls in general. i am not kidding. they piss me offff.

go ahead, just keep hurting me. it's not like your feelings are involved anyway.

i hate when a guy's shitty personality ruins their good looks

all i have left are these handfuls of fuck you

i fell in love with sushi. no joke. it is amazing. like i want to eat it all day long behind japanese mafia fish tanks. nom nom nom. it is love

never take anything for granted because it will leave you sooner or later. and even if it does come back, just know it will never be the same

my nail lady- vivian- did this to my nails! but she did it with purple nail polish and made the one nail sparkly. it was so cuteee

leggzzz for dayyzz

i can be your hero baby
i can kiss away the pain
i will stand by you forever
you can take my breath away

your shoes are hot- let's fuck?

the next time you complain about living in orange county, do me a favor and drive down PCH blasting bob marley. you'll remember how lucky you are

i love megan and her wise words :)

i have to get old- you don't have to get fat

my fashion show dress looks so damn coco chanel

why do we have clothes? we should all just go naked
no.. then you couldn't look so damn hot in all these gorgeous clothes

i don't wish to be everything to everyone, but i would like to at least be something to someone

a guy out there is meant to be the love of your life, best friend, and soulmate. he'll brush the hair out of your eyes, always be there to wipe your tears, and send you flowers when you least expect it. he'll call you to say goodnight or just cause he is missing you. he'll look in your eyes and tell you you're the most beautiful girl, and for the first time in your life, you'll believe it

here i am, one passionate, dramatic, tiring, exciting, extravagant, boring, predictable, spontaneous, chaotic, secretive, on-and-off year later, marked by two breakups connected by one makeup up all "my fault" and your choices

in many ways you were my biggest regret

To the one that holds her heart,
This is going to sound so very cliche, but if you break her heart, I will run you over with my car. Now I’m pretty sure you have no idea who I am, but trust me I know all about you. You see, I have many friends, in many places. And I just wanted to make sure that the one who is dating the girl that I love with all my heart is in good hands. Since you have not received any threats yet, I guess you’re an alright guy.
But here’s a couple tips for you, always text her back, she gets really frustrated if you don’t. Don’t ever hang up on her without saying good-bye first, I’ve done that countless times and she gets really pissed off. She has certain days where she has to watch her shows like Pretty Little Liars and One Tree hill, make sure you don’t plan anything on those days. Surprise her, she likes them. She’s only ticklish in some spots and sometime she isn’t ticklish at all. She’s a fighter haha. And if she’s quoting Taylor Swift, either you’re in really big trouble or you’re making her happy.
And when you hug her, remember that you are hugging the most beautiful girl in the world and that you should always hug her back tighter. If she argues with her, argue back. But give in to her sometimes cause she can be a real bitch when she wants to be. Don’t hurt her, that will be the worst thing that you will ever do.
You have no idea how lucky you are to call her yours. So cherish it. You have the honor of holding her hand. You have the privilege to kiss her when you want. You have the ability to make her happy. She isn’t just another girl, she’s that girl that can make you the happiest person ever if you give her the chance. She’s worth everything. Everything. Take care of her.
The one who lost her

sick of guys treating girls like shit... grow up

just because you have a dick, doesn't mean you should have to act like one

sometimes you don't plan to have someone walk into your life, and change everything you have ever known, or wanted, or seen, or believed. sometimes they just walk through that door and your heart stops beating and you hold your breathe and watch them smile. because all that you believed was beautiful doesn't compare to them. they make you think. they make you want to love. to care.   to learn. they make you want to believe in something. to see the good in people. to see the good in them. it's something that you can't explain. it's just pure, unconditional love.

talk to the hand. if you have any questions, consult my middle finger

i don't hate you because you left, i hate you because you pretended you wouldn't.

people change, feelings fade but life goes on and so should you

bitch, there you go again making a stereotype towards yourself

don't put words into my mouth. i've got plenty to say. don't tell me how to live my life. i do things my way

never leave something good to find something better because once you realize you had the best, the best has found better

fuck me? ya i bet you'd like that. get a better come back

every struggle in life has shaped you into the person you are today. be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just got home from 10 days of kauai. paradise. it's so good to be back though

Thursday, July 14, 2011

you wanted me to blog about the 7 deadly sins... and i kinda figure you guys should know them and what they mean so in i am saying the sin, today's modern "synonym" and then applying it to my life

Pride: "ego-tripping" : i do attract attention to things that i do and accomplishments i have at times. i show pride when i do something really good that people may not even recognize. so many people focus on the negative that sometimes it feels necessary to show the positive. i don't really think it's necessary to show yourself off and your abilities, but sometimes it happens. although, i do hate bragging. i don't want to get a big head

Avarice: "greed" or "materialism" : it is like when you eat the last chocolate chip cookie. you really should offer it to someone else, but you eat it anyways. or when you buy and buy and buy just because you can. i do this with shoes. when you think about it, i don't really need 15 pairs of shoes that all look kinda the same when there are people who have never worn shoes in their lives, but you buy the shoes anyways. its just wanting and desiring, you can't get enough. it's stuff like "oh my god, i HAVE to have those shoes" or "I NEED THAT CAR!" you don't really, you just desperately want that. i am definitely guilty of this at times. 

Envy: "entitlement" : jealousy. simply. you want what someone else has. you hate them for what they have. for their clothes. their car. their house. their family. their lifestyle. their boyfriend. their happiness. doesn't matter. you feel like you should have what they have and that they don't deserve it. it is a silent hatred that turns you into a big green monster. i do this sometimes. you hate someone because they never have any problems, they are always so happy and alive. but really they might have a lot going on with them. when you are envious you don't really think of anything past the image of what you want but don't have. you always have to have something more.

Wrath: "abuse" or "anger" : i take my anger out on the ones i am closest to quite honestly, i know they will always be there for me no matter what and they won't walk away and i can be abusive towards them, not physically but emotionally. when you are angry you know what hurts other people. i get angry and say shit i know i shouldn't say and i can be vicious. everyone has their days when  the fangs come out. 

Lust: "lack of self control" or "desire" : i desire a lot of things. lust doesn't have to be just about sex, it can be lusting for happiness if you wanted it to be. i think everyone has their uncontrollable desires. you know you shouldn't want it or do it, but you do it anyways. enough said on this one.

Gluttony: "addiction" : you can be addicted to everything from nail polish to alcohol. some addictions are better than others. i am addicted to starbucks and nailpolish and shoes and cuddling all day and ice cream and driving with the top down. im also addicted to things that are not so good for you. but that is an every day struggle with yourself. it takes effort and commitment to stay away from that.

Sloth: "whining" : i whine way more than i should. i complain about how its too hot. too cold. things move too fast and too slow. people hurt me. people are too clingy. it's too early. it's too late. im hungry. i am way too full. i really should stop whining and just smile.

i wish you would love me for all of my imperfections too. i am sick of trying to portray this unreal, idealistic version of myself. it's too hard. it's not real. i want you to see the real me for a change instead of this projection of a perfect girl. im not plastic. im not moldable. i am who i am and i really wish you would accept that.

guys really need to start respecting girls. they should not cheat. they should not lie. they should not use us as late night booty calls. they should not make us that "when you are bored" person. they should be with one girl, only one girl, and be faithful to her. love her. call he beautiful, don't say that she's hot. Open the door for her, don't make her follow you like a dog. Kiss her forehead, don't pressure her into having sex with you. She is not there to take her clothes off. She is not your play toy. Just because she is something shiny and new doesn't mean you get to abuse that. If you got her, you should keep her happy. Keep her safe. Baby her. Listen to her. But do not take advantage of her. That makes me sick.

i love when music explains everything you are thinking. you can listen to it over and over and it is numbing. it feels so good to just have something explain how you feel when there are no words to put to the feeling.

things that come to mind : because i can:

gray hound buses. Marlboro cigarettes. miss dior cherie. black coffee. vinyl records. honey suckle. Italiano. amethyst. apples. lilac. linen sheets. acoustic guitars. one night motels. open mic nights. snaps. rope swings. caked mud. christmas trees. honey. rosaries. lizards. ticket booths. parted lips. chains and cross necklaces. parking tickets. rosin. charcoal gray tee shirts. lipstick. gerber daisies. grits and pancakes for breakfast. chicken coops. butterflies. curly hair. blush colored night gowns. feathers. tangerines. arizona iced tea. earrings. baby feet. heart shaped glasses. topaz. thai. dinosaur toys. french. floppy hats. freckles. broken glass. black lace. the word rouge. salted caramel. grunge. birthmarks. fields of wild flowers. fireflies. soft serve ice cream. strawberries and cream. sidewalks. dandelions. baseball hats. sprinklers. chlorine kisses. fourth of july. chevy. freshly mowed grass. cilantro. mailmen. kaleidoscope. pyramid. herbs. infant. india. ardent. lemonade. brooks. kinky hair. hypnotism. coral. veiled. mythology. lemon. cicadas. sapphire. archery. sequoias. coyotes. orchid. concord grapes. pine tree air fresheners. sentiment.cauliflower. salmon. gasoline. overalls. boxers. mediterranean. countryside. sparkles. convertibles. warm baths. rose petals. hot tea. peacock fish. cobweb. oatmeal. quicksand. binoculars. ice caps. beda fights. cabbage. half smiles. driving too fast. the last slice of pizza. coil. chicken. dream catchers. haystacks. cinnamon. henna tattoos. Kurt Cobain. rearview mirrors. fables. broken glass. sepia toned pictures. fire. wavy hair from salt water. lightbulbs. gold fish. suitcases. heads or tails. runny mascara. intertwined fingers. how your heart beats faster when you see a long lost friend. ticklish. antiques. safety pins. lollipops. rings. coin jars. painted toes. putting songs on repeat. crystalline. coffee. burning paper. crying out of happiness.envy. red wine. raspy voices. when someone leaves you speechless.

i am not your baby.

marisol: funny how we think that we can control our boyfriends & girlfriends. no person can control another no matter how hard you try, well unless you use magic.. but i'm pretty sure none of us go to Hogwarts so SHOOT. I guess we have to do it the old fashioned way & learn the meaning of free will

fuck fake girls. they are a waste of time.who wants to be friends with a backstabbing, lying, materialistic bitch anyways!! i mean seriously. it is a complete waste of energy invested in a fake friendship that will go nowhere and lead to only pain. they want to see you suffer they want to see you cry they want to make you miserable. they will spread rumors and act like nothing happened. girls like that can go to hell. they are a waste of space on this planet. 

laugh at yourself a little. it makes things so much better when you can make fun of your own mistakes. so what for image. who needs it. you've got your happiness and thats what counts! 

funky new things to do to my nails:

scrabble board
polka dots all over
splatter paint
zig zags
peacock print
random lines
colored squares

let me be your ringmaster. let me seduce. let me enchant. let me tempt and tease and please. let me entertain. let me persuade. it's my passion. it's my talent.

i love awkward couples that look like they would never be together. i think it's kinda funny to see where people find love. you see who is shallow and who likes the person for who they are... or they are just desperate. but i think it is really interesting seeing couples that look like they would never be together and try and figure out how they got together and what they see in each other

let's walk down the beach all alone and find ourselves in the setting sun. just to get away for a little while.

who needs television when you have so much drama on facebook

December 2, 1996
Green Day
P.O. Box 710
Berkeley, Ca 94701-0710
Re: Insomniac
To whom it may concern:
I am a parent, and I am very disturbed by the cassette tape my 8 year old son was listening to. His 60 year old grandmother bought it for him as a birthday present and was totally unaware of its explicit content. The store in which she bought it did not have any ticket or color on it to warn parents of the content within. A issue I plan to pursue with the right people.
Isn't it possible to make music anymore? That tape is not something any singer/songwriter should take any pride in at all. It is horrifying and has got to be one of the worst interpretations of an 'artform' that I have ever had the misfortune to hear. I know it is possible for the group to make 'good music' because I have heard them sing before. For example, the song entitled "When I Come Around" is one of my son's favorites. It's a song that he and his Dad sang together whenever it was on MTV or they were driving in the car together.
Unfortunately, one doesn't have to sing trash to have a following. And if that creates such a following one would do well to wonder exactly what type of people he wants following him! This may do nothing to change the type of music performed or change your views on the art of making music but it helps me to know that there is one less family who will be buying such rubbish and I have a big mouth so I'll make everyone I know aware. That tape is trash, as you can plainly see, and you'll find it enclosed.
Why don't you do something positive and clean up your act!!!! Isn't there enough garbage in the world? All the thoughts you are helping to put in the minds of our youth is scary. You have so much influence why not use it for something GOOD?

I just received your letter and this is my response. 
I don't write music for parents, grandparents, or eight year olds. I write for myself and I'll say anything I damn well please. That's the difference between you and me. I do what I want.... You do what you're told. 
Obviously, we're not on the same planet, let alone the same ball park. I find people like you offensive and it "helps me" to know you wont be buying anymore of our records. Next time, I suggest you do a little research before you purchase such "rubbish" for your little boy. It might save you a few extra bucks. 
Billie Joe and the rest of Green Day 
P.S. You're right about one thing... You do have a big mouth.

your imperfections make you so much more perfect to me. i don't care that your hair is messy and that your smile isn't perfectly straight. i like your laugh. i like that you've been through a lot and that you are silly. your quirkiness is what makes you, well, you. and i wouldn't have it any other way

i'm learning how to trust
i'm learning how to love
i'm learning how to let go
i'm learning how to forgive
it's all about baby steps

i get to go to hawaii for 10 days. i am stoked.

things i love about summer:

ice cream
late nights
stays light darker
laying around in bikinis
tan boys
it's warm at night
lounging by the pool
iced tea and lemonade
meeting new people
tank tops
going out to lunch whenever
chlorine and bleached hair
ipods on blast
staying up late and waking up in the middle of the day
the sunshine
sneaking into pools
driving with the top down
messy buns
summer love
flowers in your hair

i'm enjoying the fact that i can do what i want and i dont worry about other people at all. confidence is the sexiest thing a girl can have. a smile, an attitude, a little glint in your eye. that can make a big difference. hold your shoulders high and show em what you've got. intimidation is a good thing. it makes you hot and unattainable hahaa

i dont hate you
i just hope your next period happen in a shark tank 

if breakups didn't exist the music industry would seriously be bankrupt. every single song is about new love of breaking up. thinking that they could never do a wrong. that what goes around comes around. that they are not giving any other chances. that they are so through. missing them.

i hate messy rooms. it's easier to just rearrange it than clean it up..... i  throw stuff everywhere. there are papers and clothes everywhere all over the floor and my bookcase and my desk. it is just a pain in the ass to pick up

one day you won't wake up, yesterday was the last day you ever lived. you never know when or where this day will be. turn off your TV. Smash your cell phone. Tell someone you love them every damn day

let me be the one you call if you jump, i will break your fall, lift you up and fly away with you into the night if you need to fall apart, i can mend a broken heart, if you need to crash, then burn, you're not alone

porn really fucked up guy's view on girls. 

see you and me have a better time than most can dream of, better than the best, so we can pull on through, whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down, and if nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around

we ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes

my reasons aren't reasons they're excuses to hide the truth. and the truth is, i'm scared. i'm scared that if i let myself be happy for one moment my world will come crashing down.

i am in love with they way you make me smile. it doesn't matter what we are talking about. i just smile. you just sit there and listen to me talk and tell my story and you keep looking at me and looking at me and i laugh and say "what?!" and you respond with some adorable like "nothing.. just you." or you say "you're beautiful" or something like that. you make me giggle. you tickle me. you kiss my forehead and my cheeks. i say that there are no stars and you say sure there are. you call me beautiful in sweat pants. when i have no makeup on. my hair is in a sloppy bun. you still call me beautiful. you tell me that you are in love with my eyes and my smile and the sound of my voice. you hold my hand and you don't let go. you always want to see me, no matter what. day or night, you always take advantage of an opportunity to see me. you text me in the morning. you text me goodnight. you listen when i have a problem. you read. you know what it feels like to hurt. you have seen a lot in your life. you still always smile. you are optimistic. you are strong. i can joke with you. i call you just to say hi. i never do that. i let you see me at my worst. you definitely deserve me at my best. you make me blush. i never blush. you make me wanna dance in the middle of the street with no music playing. i fall asleep thinking about how happy i was. i haven't been this happy in a while. you take my head to a whole new place. it's refreshing. you are perfect because of all your imperfections. your quirkiness is what i love. your passion for life is what drives me crazy. the look in your eyes like you are a little kid, seeing things for the first time, that wide eyed wonder makes me grin. its unbelievable. its unexplainable. its happy. im happy. 

when a guy cries in front of a girl- it means a few things. it could mean that he is angry, hurt. it could mean he is upset. it could mean that he doesn't understand why something happened. it could mean he is so incredibly happy. but what it will always mean is that he loves her. 

pleasing everybody is never a responsibility. if they like you for who you are, good. if not, it's their problem not yours

i think this says something about how image has changed. the "barbie doll figure used to look like a normal person. now it looks like a doll that went through plastic surgery. the view of the way girls should look keeps getting worse and worse, more unrealistic every year.

F L I R T : Fuck Love I'd Rather Tease

the tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it

i got my fashion show dress for november! 
and i must say, it is very chanel ;)

please do not shove your Christianity in my face. it isn't going to make me fall in love with your faith, it is going to disgust me by the fact that you tell people who don't believe what you do bad people. i went to Christian club once.. and they said that not reading and praying every day is like Anorexia. I have never heard that not reading the bible is like having something wrong with your mind where you can't stop starving yourself. they also said that people who do not read and pray every day are going to hell. It is shit like that that makes me hate religion.

being hurt is something you can't stop from happening, but being miserable is always your choice

i want a mermaid ring! i think it is so cute. you always have a piece of the sea with you that way :)

someone please bring me chipotle. i am starving

leave me alone. i don't know what i did to deserve you ruining every bit of happiness in my life.

some people never find the right kind of love, you know the kind that steals your breath away. the kind that jolts your heart, sets its beating apace. the kind that makes every terrible minute apart feel like hours. lucky me, i've found the right kind of love.. with the wrong person