Saturday, January 1, 2011

can it be summer now??

what i am thankful for in 2010

i had a friend ask me to make a list of the top 50 things i was thankful for in 2010. so here it goes!!!

1)my family. i take advantage of you guys i do things that i shouldn't do. say things i shouldn't say. but you guys are always by my side no matter what.
2) "slow dancing in a burning room" by john mayer. somehow this song got me through 2010. 
3) OCHSA. the school is crazy. no... it is insane. and i love it to death and miss it dearly. everyone there taught me so much. I learned a lot about myself, i learned about the way people work, that it is okay to be different, that you don't have to fit a stereo type, not to stereotype- so what if someone is gay or they like to dress up and change their names so they are the same as movie characters so what if a guy wants to be a fashion designer or do ballet. it is okay. it is okay to be who you truly want to be and not hide behind a mask. thats what OCHSA taught me. i have amazing friends there and i didnt really give it a chance at first but i regret that.
4) my notebook. it taught me how i think and gave me a numb feeling nothing else could give me. 
5)starbucks. i would have died. thank you for the caffeine at 6 AM.
6)my camera. i love being able to capture a moment in time in a photograph. 
7) chocolate covered strawberries. so yummy
8)the bus rides to OCHSA every morning and coming home from school. good writing material
9) my babiessss at Shea i don't get to see Jaidyn and Lauren any more because i'm not working there but those two little girls changed my life. not even joking. just seeing them smile made me appreciate so much.
10) mojo. i love my pupppyy he gets me through everything. i feel like i neglect him. and i kinda do. but he is my baby and i love him
11) my scrapbook- it reminds me of where i've been
12) jacuzzi nights with my girls. i miss them so much and i don't get to see them very often any more but they are my sisters and they always will be
13) USC. for sort of motivating me to study
14) rachel. for being my best friend. you are my rock.
15) breaks. i would die without weekend and breaks like summer and thanksgiving break. i'm not joking.
16) all the stupid people who constantly entertain me.
17) google. for making it so easy for me to find everything i need to find
18)Jen. for making me cakes and hugging me when i want to cry. i love you bitchhh you are amazing and you have such a good heart. i'm lucky i met you this year
19) sticky notes. i would forget everything without them
20)my fuzzy leopard slippers that i wear constantly now. i am in love with them
21) this blog. i can waste so much time on this thing which is not good but i love having the freedom to say what i want to say
22) emily s. for participating in fat tuesdays with me and jen and for all the talks we have. (by the way you and chase are adorable)
23)my ugg boots. that i wear every single day.
24) TAO. it is amazing. restaurant/ bar / club in vegas if you haven't been. go. now
25)the nights were you drive around blasting loud music and singing and dancing in the car. they are priceless 
26) victorias secret. i love that place. it is so fun hahaha
27) boys boys boys. you drive me crazy but you constantly entertain. thank you for thinking of every stupid thing to possibly do.
28)the park. it lets me get away for about an hour and relax and write and get my thoughts together.
29) fat tuesdays. one day a week where i don't feel bad eating 5,000 calories
30) fruit snacks. they are yummy enough said.
31) raquel. for being my other half.
32) the stars. i love them
33) national parks. i love being in the middle of nowhere.
34)you. for reading this and caring what i have to say.
35)loud music. i love a beat
36) guys sweatshirts. i am obsessed. they are 1000x better than girls sweatshirts. just saying. they are just better
37) rainy days. it gives me an excuse to lay in bed and cuddle all day
38) the chiropractor. for making it so i can walk without being in pain.
39) my boyssss for always having my back and for watching out for me. i love you guys
40)baseball games. i love them i grew up with them i miss them
41)ANGL for constantly supplying me with cute dresses
42)acrylics and red and black nail polish. you make my nails look pretty and that makes me happy
43) cookies. they are fun to make and it relaxes me to make them. idk why but they relieve stress.
44) baths. thank you for making me calm the f*@$ down.
45) books. you inspire me to write
46) holding my hand- i missed that a lot.
47) giving me nights that i will never forget. i couldn't if i tried.
48) spontaneous moments where we burst into song. it makes me smile
49) competition. it keeps things interesting.
50) life. for moving on.

thank you for being my new years kiss

from a while ago

i was going through old pictures and i found this little photo shoot i did at the park with sammi. it was a lot of fun. i love it down there (where we were taking pictures) it was fun. this was one of my favorites. just thought i would share
the famous- miami ink

shoes shoes shoes

i have a problem. i am a compulsive shopper. and i have a shoe collection started. these are a few of the pairs i have. then a whole column thing on the side and the inside corner of my closet. i just love shoes!!! SUE ME
i wish there was an undo button that you could click every time you made a mistake. wouldn't it make life so much easier?? you wouldn't have to deal with as many fights. as much drama. tears. betrayal. accidents. how many times have you said, "it was a mistake" or "i didn't mean to" i bet more than a few times. but then again you learn from your mistakes and they help you remember what to do and what do do. 


woooohooooo is the end of the decade!!! happy 2011 everyone hope you all had a good night last night and were safe. no drinking and driving i hope. hope you still have confetti in your hair and that you had a wonderful night. good way to kick off 2011 <3

this year i decided that my new years resolution is to not make a new years resolution. because it always gets broken in the first 2 days. i mean really. things like: i am going to stay out of trouble i am going to go to the gym i am going to get straight A's i am going to be nicer i am not going to do this i am not going to do that i am going to lose 25 pounds and be a size 2 again blah blah blah blah blahhhh. who ever really accomplishes it?? i mean seriously. it just disappoints people really. so my new years resolution is to not make any more new years resolutions :)