Saturday, January 8, 2011

look outside

look outside and tell me what you see. do you see all the magic? the stars burning around you? do you see the ocean the waves the way the colors tangle together and melt until they turn the color of a raven's ebony wing as the sun sinks into the water's depths.  look at all the beauty around you.

don't "k" me you slut.

word of the day

act of staring at someone's crotch


"He just got home drunk. He ate 5 snack cakes, said Little Debbie's his bitch, went upstairs and fell asleep."

Prep Tests...

so much for sleeping in this morning! i woke up at 7 to go to school. on a saturday. please tell me you see a problem with this. 7:45 sitting in a classroom taking a test until 12.  I showed up in sweats a huge black sweat shirt leaopard slipper boot things my hair up no makeup on and my glasses on. ew. thats cute.  what a waste of 4 or 5 hours of my life. 

Why My Sister Isn't A Whore.

Your Girlfriend. Rated E for Everybody.


grrrrr fight me. i dare you.

Kitty kitty kitty

even though i hate cats i love jen's baby kitten that she has. it makes me feel better. its just cute. its like able to be carried in one of my hands and its adorable and its feisty and i love it. its me in kitty form. and i hate cats. so this is a BIG FREAKINNNN DEAL!!!!!

when you're sad...

when you're sad.... JUST WATCH GLEE!!!  its heavy content plus music and some high school drama but you will feel better after you watch it. trust me. it really does work miracles.  i know from experience hehe maybe its because i went to OCHSA and im used to it... but i actually like Glee. Hmmm... maybe because it shows struggles in high school and combines theatre. im used to that stuff now. god i miss it. but yes. WATCH GLEE hahaha


i asked for one thing.

i asked for one thing. i asked for you not to lie to me. and you can't even do that.. i asked for you to be honest with me and how i wouldn't be mad at you. and you lied to me. you disrespected me. you hurt me. you are continually lying to me. and all i want to do is tell you that i am so upset with you and that i am so disappointed that you did this to me. what happened to us? what happened to me and you? what happened to everything that we stood for. you ruined me and you. you ruined me and you. you ruined the trust i had in you.