Tuesday, February 1, 2011

language of william shakespeare

okay, you have no idea..... the insults in some of shakespeare's writing are pretty good. when you thinking about it. and some of them make no sense. so i am going to share a few hehe that way the next time someone insults you you can yell at them in shakespearean ;)

you frothy, earth-vexing, bugbear!
she is a saucy, rump-fed, plume-plucked, moldwarp
he is such a rank, spongy, errant, sheep-biting, measle!
she is just a roguish, surly, forward, cockered, crook-pated, gudgeon
you warped, vain, tottering nut hook.

finals. week.

finals week. i'm killing myself here. sorry i havent been blogging <3 i swear i'm not dead i've just been studying non stop. i think that my brain is like jello now.... but i was talking to evan and he said its easy to put things in jello so i decided its more like a rock. its just frozen. it cant absorb anything else and it could crack at any second. wow i can't wait for this to be over. and for the weekend. on friday im going to be 16.