Tuesday, March 1, 2011

catch the sun in the tips of your fingers
i don't know why but i actually really really liked this dress on her. it was a pretty color and it fit her well and it was conservative and colorful and i really liked it
don't you know? INDIE is the new thing.
jellyfish are relaxing
okay so no one ever said that army boots were supposed to be a fashion statement- but we're gonna go all out and take combat boots and rhinestone them and put faces on them and make them all "stylish" and "in" and walk around in them in leggings and skinny jeans and make them a fashion statement. i mean, years ago men were walking around in trenches, getting all muddy in the old, worn lace up boots but now girls look HOT wearing them. I mean damn, that is saying something if a girl gets compliments on her combat boots. they are big and clunky and aren't meant for fashion but apparently they are now.
let's start a revolution- just for the hell of it- because it sounds fun to protest and get what you want and start new trends and take over an era
howwww cuteeee
the headline reads freshman girls fight on campus in front of WASC observer. SERIOUSLY. So this girl goes and shes pissed and the girl bailed from their "scheduled" fight in the gym so she just comes up and decks her and starts throwing punches. keep in mind this chick is 5'1 super tiny and she is fighting the girl who everyone thought was her best friend. we just happened to have the fight in front of the WASC supervisor who is evaluating our school. Not only is it extremely trashy to have a girl fight- but to do it in front of someone who is evaluating the WHOLE school while everyone is yelling fight and smiling and recording it. Really. That says something about the girls at our school. at least she had the balls to do it but she should have waited until those people weren't there and then go talk about it all over faceboook and formspring. Keeepin' it CLASSSSSSYYY!!